A Time For a Blog!

Here it is! A blog! Finally, a space to fill with stories, pictures, and all the random thoughts that pop into my head. Sometimes I find myself in a giddy, silly sort of mood, where most of what I say makes little to no sense, yet will still be recorded here. Other times I’m in a contemplative, pensive sort of mood. It is in these times I have many epiphanies far too great to keep to myself, so lucky for all of you, I’ll be sharing those as well.

I wonder, do people even read blogs these days? I mean, who actually has the time to read what other people have to say? Sometimes I hardly have the time to read 140 character tweets, much less lengthy blog posts. So it’s okay if no one reads this, I’m just hoping to prove to myself that I can keep up with this blog, regardless of the season of life I find myself in!

Thanks for stopping by!