A Time For a Lesson

“You are a hypocrit” was the text that changed my mood from bad to worse this afternoon. Me, a “hypocrit”? Really? At least I can spell! I was quick to respond to this text message with biting words in my own defense. No one will attack my pride like that and escape without a verbal thrashing! I couldn’t help but dwell on these words all day long. How could someone who knew me so little be so quick to point out one of my biggest sin struggles? Is my hypocrisy so blatant that even strangers can easily identify it? My heart sank and I sulked over these words throughout the day.

Well, the secret is out. I am a hypocrite. And this may come as a shock, but I am imperfect too. I only know of one person who was and is perfect, and that is Jesus. Because I call myself a follower of Christ, I am held to a standard far greater than I am capable of upholding. And that my friends is why I am so thankful for grace, because without it, I’d be just another hypocrite wandering around with no hope. Luckily for me, Jesus takes my sin and renders it an expression of His love.

Though I felt disheartened by these words, I am thankful for the lesson they brought me. I am a hypocrite, but by Gods grace, that doesn’t define me. It only encourages me to extend that same grace to others, and strive to be more intentional in eliminating the sin of hypocrisy from my life.