Back to School Necessities

I’m going to be honest. Since I’m not in school this year, I have lacked all motivation to do anything school related, including cleaning out my backpack from last year, filing my papers, and getting my room back into it’s proper order. But with school well underway for my siblings and my friends, I decided to stop being lazy and to take the plunge and dive into the unknown depths of my backpack.

I’m putting my findings into this here blog post, hoping it will aid others in remembering some of those back to school necessities that are easy to forget.

First, in order to survive school, you need: tic tacs, mints, hair pins, money, contacts,

half- eaten pistachios…

Bubble wrap, and forks. Two forks, actually. 

And don’t forget a hairbrush, comb, lotion, and cough drops. If you have all the aforementioned items, your school year is sure to be a great one!