My blog has had a brief period of vacancy due to my obsessing over learning how to parallel park for the last week. I was too nervous for my drivers test to even sleep, much less find the peace of mind to blog. I’m sure you were all DYING for my return….but fear not! I refuse to give up on this blog just yet!

The good news is I passed my driving test…on the first try! Yay! I owe a huge thank you to my Grammy for teaching me how to parallel park and letting me take the test in her car.

And for my first act of rebellion as a licensed driver…..I woke up at 7 am and drove my siblings to school! They don’t call me the wild child for nothin’!

But really, aren’t people supposed to do fun things when they get their license? All I’ve done is drive to school, babysitting, and Lowes. Yes, Lowes. Don’t ask.

Anyways, I suppose when I get a car of my own here in the next few weeks I’ll make up for the lack of adventurous driving. But until then, I’m having an absolute blast driving anywhere by myself that provides me with enough time to belt out at least a few decent songs at the top of my lungs. And I’m sure my family is enjoying that as well 🙂