Gettin’ Crafty!

Last week we celebrated Bethany’s 18th birthday! It’s hard to believe she’s 18, engaged, and getting married in June! My, how time flies! Anyways, considering my darling sister will be a Metzinger in a matter of months, I decided to put on my crafty pants and get to work.

Bethany is so difficult to shop for. She already has everything she could ever need or want in Louis. (Insert “awww, what a loving sister” here). But really, she has everything. So I wanted to make something memorable. Something we can dig out of a storage box years from now and laugh at.

I had secretly been saving the roses that Louis gave Bethany for their 4 year anniversary a couple months ago. Once those dried, I pulled the petals off and saved them in a jar. I bought a 12×12 canvas, some fabric, and some glue, and crushed up the rose petals. With those items and the help of a friend’s staple gun and cricut machine (thanks Mrs. Kuster!), we had a cute little decoration in no time!

Here is the final result:
I thought it turned out pretty cute! It was also a sweet reminder to me of the way that God takes what’s old, crushed, and broken and makes something new and beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Bethany! I’m blessed to be your sister and friend and grateful for your influence in my life. May you forever be reminded of the beautiful woman the Lord has shaped you to be. I love you!