I love you, Hunter!

After receiving my first pair of Hunter boots for Christmas, I must say, we’ve skipped right over the friend zone and moved straight to a committed relationship. That’s right, nothing comes between this girl and her Hunters. Here’s why:
Hunters are cute. Everybody owns a pair of rain boots. Some are plain and some are patterned, but they all seem to have common features: they hit mid-calf and are chunky. When wearing them I feel like big foot stomping around. Hunters however, have a very appealing height, and their wide range of solid colors make them simple, yet chic.
Hunters are comfortable. If you’re going to be wearing a pair of shoes all day, they have to fit just right. Hunters are the perfect combination of roomy, yet flattering.
Hunters are versatile. Can you wear them in the summer with a dress? Yes! In the winter with jeans? Yes! With a trench coat and leggings? Yes! You catch my drift? They go with practically everything! Dress them up or dress them down, there’s sure to be a color to suit every taste!
Hunters are fashionable (and durable). Trust me, they are. I know this because lots of famous people have them. Once you own a pair, you’ll feel that much closer to fame.
So there you have it, four reasons I’m in love with Hunter rain boots. I don’t know why it took me so long to get a pair, but I do now know that I want a pair in every color.
The downside? They’re $150 a pair. But hey, I did the math and figured if I own every color and wear them every day of my life for the next 107 years, that equals out to about 10 cents a day. And that’s what I call a deal!