How I found my little friend.

Ever since I discovered Craigslist, I’ve had a strange obsession with looking at the various things people post there. It’s not that I’m necessarily looking to buy a used bird cage or an old pick up truck, I just like to look.

One day, as I was innocently scanning the for sale tab of my local craigslist site, I came across a posting for free kittens. FREE KITTENS? My heart leapt. I’ve always loved kittens, but my allergy and my mother’s aversion to them has always gotten in the way of my chances of having one. That was about to change.

After work, I drove to a very sketchy neighborhood, knocked on the door of a tiny, beat up apartment, selected my kitten and left. Now what, I thought. I drove to Walmart, where I sauntered through the aisles, picking up kitten supplies and pondering my plan to present this new family member. I never really formulated a decent plan, so when I got home, I plopped the kitty in my purse and made a mad dash to my room.

For the next two days, I toted my little black ball of cuteness, Negro, everywhere with me. Then one day, as he slept peacefully on my bed, Negro was discovered by my little sister. News travels faster than light in my family, so it was only a matter of minutes before the entire family became aware of his presence.

Fast forward a year, and Negro is still around. And surprisingly, he is loved by many. His best friends include my dad and my puppy Miley and his favorite food is dog food.

I know Craigslist can be creepy and full of scams, but sometimes it works out. I’m glad it did.