4 things my blog is NOT.

This blog is filled with many posts on various topics, so it’s hard to pin down exactly what this blog is. However, I can easily (and will) tell you what this blog is NOT.

This blog is not themed.
I can’t don’t write about just one topic.

This blog is not my journal.
I promise not to write about things I’m positive no one will care to read. Or at least I’ll try.

This blog will not get too personal.
There’s a right and wrong way to do personal. Stories, lessons, goals- yes, those will be shared. The kind of personal things that will not be written about include: relationship drama, how awesome I’d like to think I am, my good test grades, and any other bragging related post. Those are the sort of things that should be written about in an email to your mom. 🙂

This blog is not a place to rant.
I promise not to make this a place to vent. Like seriously, how annoying is it when you’re reading someone’s blog and they have a mile long post about themselves, or how they hate life? Or better yet it’s a post clearly directed at one specific person and how he wishes she would just come back to him and he doesn’t understand why he’s getting the cold shoulder; he thought what they had was real, blah blah blah blah. It’s just so annoying. I want to take those kinds of people and cut off their fingers one by one, thus preventing them from ever typing another self centered blog post. I mean, what a waste of a good 7 minutes of my life. I’ll never get those back. I just cant help but think WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BLOG? You want to know why she ditched you? Maybe because your primary form of communication to her is through your blog, which everyone can see. I don’t know, just a thought. Don’t you all agree with me? So like I was saying, I hate ranting and venting via blog post. So I won’t do it.

If you’d like to know what I will write about on this blog, check out my “about this blog” tab and stay tuned for more posts! That was my best attempt at a cliff hanger. Are you biting your nails?