Healthy Pre-Made Breakfast Sandwiches: An {Almost} Paleo Recipe

Today I’d like to take a break from usual programming to share with you all this wonderful recipe for healthy, pre-made breakfast sandwiches! If I knew fancy cooking terms, this would be a wonderful tutorial of sorts, but I don’t, so this will be my best attempt at food prep explanations. Luckily this one is simple, so here we go:

Start by taking some lean, ground turkey and make little patties. Fry them in a pan. Add cheese if you like cheese.



 I obviously like me some cheese, so I added cheese slices.


Next, crack one egg into a coffee mug or other circular, microwavable container. Add salt, pepper and veggies as desired. I chose spinach.


Microwave for 45 seconds.


When you dump it out of the mug, it will be a nice, fluffy & adorable egg patty! Smash it down with a spatula.


Next, toast some english muffins (hence, the *almost* paleo recipe) :


Just wanted to include a pic of some toasted english muffins, in case y’all weren’t aware of what those look like.

Combine everything together


Cut in half & make some cute labels


I find it helpful to label each sandwich with a day of the week because otherwise, how would I know which sandwich to grab each morning? So confusing, right?

Wrap in parchment paper, and viola!



And there you have it, folks! Easy grab and go breakfast sammies. Just store in the freezer, and reheat for 1-2 minutes in the morning. Yummy, Healthy and life changing.


In case you haven’t heard, there’s this new trend called “don’t eat breakfast on thursdays” and its awesome.

But really, I have a DAY OFF WORK (oh my gosh!!)

Don’t forget to start your mornings with the two most hunger-satisfying things: breakfast and the Word.

Until next time, when I will most likely provide to you content that is deeper and much more meaningful than breakfasts sandwiches.

Love to you, people!