{ Ever After }

All fairytales have a similar story line: Beautiful princess in distress held captive by an evil character (quite often with a demonic laugh), longing to be saved by Prince Charming, complete with a perfectly chiseled 6 pack and a face that makes girls weak at the knees. The plot of the story usually consists of the prince conquering various obstacles to defeat the antagonist and win the heart of the princess.

What girl doesn’t watch these movies and read these stories only to grow up with the notion that this is what love looks like? There were times in my life I’ve literally thought I’d marry a prince, wear a crown, live in a castle and yes, live happily ever after. What a joke. What a waste of time it is to spend your life waiting for a prince – for the most athletic, the smartest, or the best looking prince. Let me tell you ladies – he isn’t out there. There may be brief periods of time where you think you’ve found him, but the second you discover the slightest flaw in his character, you’ll be off looking for a new prince charming.

In light of that, here’s something cheesy and cliche that I’ve discovered over the years: Jesus is your prince charming. He is King and you are His child. That makes you a princess. He is ferociously fighting against the distractions and evils of this world to win your heart. And one day, He will conquer evil once and for all. He longs for relationship with me. He desires my heart. And the day that I realized that was the day that I discovered what true love looks like, and I’m still learning everyday just how vastly and passionately the Lord loves His people.

You see, no man in your life- be it your dad, your boyfriend or your husband was ever designed to be your Savior. That’s a title reserved for a perfect prince, whose love will never let you down. No man was ever created to live up to that. In discovering this truth, I’ve found my dreams and desires are in constant battle with reality. But I am learning that I have to give up my dreams for His, and ask that He would refine me and my desires and make me more like Christ in the process.

It’s a daily surrender and it’s extremely difficult. But when I gave my life to Jesus, I gave up the rights to my story, and now it’s His to write. And I trust that He will do great things with it because I know that in the end, Jesus trumps Disney. Every time.