Behind the Door

Music starts playing. Bridesmaids filter out of the crowded stairwell and line up single file behind the closed, wooden double doors. Something tells me to turn around. Entering back into the stairwell, I see my sister, clothed in a beautiful white dress just moments away from walking down the aisle. The chaos of the preceding hours, days, months-ceases as I fix my eyes on my sister, the most radiant, stunning bride I’ve ever seen. Tears fill my eyes as I take one final look at her, mutter some indistinctive words, and slip out, retaking my place outside the double doors.

Memories of the last 17 years flooded my mind as I made my way down that never ending aisle. There’s no way to accurately describe just how bittersweet it is to know that from that day on, life would never be the same. And in that moment, that feeling was expressed in the form of tears, as I sobbed my way down that aisle.

Many of you asked why I couldn’t hold it together, and that moment behind the door was why. Life has been full of special moments behind closed doors with my sister. Lots of laughter, late night chats, and some unforgettably hilarious arguments. And it’s just so strange for that to change.

But as always, God is faithful. He opens new doors, and provides new windows of opportunity for laughter, and conversation. I believe having a sister to laugh with, cry with, and trudge through some of life’s most trying times with to be one of the greatest gifts of all. I’m so thankful to my sweet Lord for mine.

I had no idea this was being captured, but how fun is it that it was?! Such a sweet time…





**Photos by the FABULOUS Julie Gould!**