Pinterest Wall!

Pinterest has become an outrageously popular site. It seems girls are planning their weddings, outfits, and entire lifestyles through Pinterest’s virtual pinboard. Recently I had the idea to ditch the computer and get creative with a life-size “Pinterest Wall” of my very own.

I started with the bulletin board i used to use above my desk…

 Then I bought some cork tiles…

 And some paint…

 Then I made a huge mess painted them all different colors, and randomly arranged them on the wall…

And this is the final result!

 I’ve had fun pinning pictures, magazine clippings, and little notes of encouragement I’ve received!

I had such fun with this project! And it was super easy, too! I love being able to rearrange and change these boards!
*Some Variations*:
1. If you have several cork boards with frames, you could arrange/paint those in different patterns to create a fun, varied look.
2. You could cover the cork tiles or boards in different, fun fabrics.
3. You could purchase a sheet or cork at an office supply store and mount it to the wall for one giant pinboard. 
I’ll post pictures once I fill these up with “pins”!
More to come….