I think this is where I am supposed to make my life sound exciting.

I’ll start with the basics. My name is Hannah and I’m from Louisville, KY. My favorite color is grey and I’ve never broken any bones requiring a cast and I’m super disappointed about that. I did break both of my middle fingers (this is not ironic), but I didn’t like wearing those pesky splints, so they are crooked.

My mother started homeschooling me when I was three or something. She says it’s because I was smart and eager to learn, but I think it helped her feel less terrible about shutting me up in a room with some coloring sheets, so we called it “school.” Regardless, this allowed me to graduate high school 2 months after my 16th birthday, and left me wondering what on earth I was supposed to do with myself.

Ever since, I’ve been a finance manager by day and a babysitter by night. I usually have some other part-time job thrown in the mix, but currently I do not, so now I have this thing called “free time” and its lovely.

I used to spend said free time on pinterest, fawning over a life I wish I had. Realizing this was making me a raging lunatic bitter and jealous, I decided to make my own creations and create a literal pinterest wall in my room. Now I spend my time organizing things because that is something I am truly passionate about.

Speaking of passions, I am in love with children, and believe it is my calling to work with them in some capacity. I also like speaking and writing, which happen to be two areas in which I am not very skilled, yet I’d love the opportunity to be able to use these emerging abilities to further the Kingdom.

Speaking of the Kingdom, it’s the whole reason I’m alive: my heart and soul long to be there, but my body serves to advance it in the time I have here on earth. I’m in a never ending search after God’s purpose for my life and a never ending battle to pick up my cross daily and run after Him whole heartedly.

I’ve learned so many lessons in this short life of mine. The one that I continue to learn is just how often I need forgiveness and how quick He is to give it. My life is messy and I don’t have it all together. My mind can be small and my mouth can be big, and sometimes when I get hurt I say words that are not G rated. I’m so far from perfect, yet made whole in Christ.

I am a lot like an onion: Im white, I’m round, and my scent is pungent. People love me or they hate me, and there aren’t too many on the fence about it. I have lots and lots of layers, and I’m still waiting on someone to make it to the very center without running away in tears. 🙂

My writings here are a small window to my heart. What you will find are raw words written from real places of triumphant joy to devastating hardships and everything in between. I pray you will find encouragement as you join me on my journey through life’s seasons, and rest in knowing that through the sunny and stormy ones alike, we are sustained by an unmovable, unshakable, good and sovereign King.

So, thank you for stopping by, friend! You’re always welcome here. Grab your coffee, pull up a chair and stay a while.

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