oh, hi there!

Goodness gracious, it has been a while since I’ve written here, and it’s not for lack of words. I have about 14 posts in the works, but I cannot seem to finish a single one of them as work, school and the gorgeous summer sun call my name. I’m okay with it. I’m sitting in a hammock right now, resolving not to neglect this dear blog of mine much longer, yet aiming to make my writings here more succinct for the time, because, well, I am a lover of words and sometimes I look up from this computer screen to realize several hours have passed and the child I’m watching is on her 16th Disney Channel episode of the day. So yeah. Priorities.

I’ve been spending a great deal of weekends about seventy miles from Louisville in Danville, KY with my guy and his family. We frequent the drive in, the gas station, and the cutest hole in the wall Japanese restaurant. Life is quiet and peaceful there. The sunsets are gorgeous and the night sky is always crowded with a vast array of stars.

Looking back through some snapshots from the weekend, I breathe in deep and remember the way it feels to relinquish my constant desire for control back into the hands of the One to whom it has always belonged. Sometimes it just takes a white fence, an open field and a bold, blazing sunset to remind me that the same God who paints the sky is the One that breathes life into my spirit.

Stopping today in the middle of this busy season to soak in His presence and remember that He is deserving of my first and my best. May my heart be always ready to give it.